New Dance Club Brings New Style to Victoria

“We have a big vision or dream of what we want Odori to be,” Ward said.

Visions of Odori almost came to a halt last year when Victoria City Council approved a tougher liquor license that stopped renovation of the old William Offer School Building which was the original location for the night club.

“Ultimately we used it as motivation to keep pushing forward,”

Club owners set their eyes on an old warehouse on Laurent Street, they are working towards transforming it into an upscale night club with modern state of the art amenities. Odori will have 3 bars, a dance floor and state. Mr. Ward says he wants the hard working people of Victoria to have a place to enjoy night life responsibly.

Odori’s top priorities are to make sure Victorians are responsible and also feel safe. They have sent notices to residents in the area in hopes the night club is welcomed into the neighborhood with open arms.

“We’ve actually gotten positive feedback they have made appearances here to talk to us they said they were very excited to have something going into this building,” Ward said.

Odori plans to play Electronic Dance Music and Top 40 hits. The club will open August 4th.