Neighbors come together to clear damage caused by strong storm in Ganado

Sunday morning a strong storm blew through the Crossroads. Monday, the small town of Ganado is still dealing with the damage left behind.

Debris has littered the streets after a powerful wind storm came rolling through the town.

It is unconfirmed whether it was a tornado or just strong winds.

“They are assessing right now whether or not we actually experienced a Tornado at this point. We know at this time strong front line winds, but we are waiting for word on the decision on that,” said Ganado’s Mayor, Clinton Tegeler.

Newscenter 25’s David Gibson spoke with some people who are helping with the cleanup process.
Angela Hamilton said she was sitting in church Sunday morning praying the storm would hold off until they could make it home safe.

“It didn’t start raining until we got into church, then we had the whole service and 5 minutes afterwards the electricity went out and everything started going crazy. We were able to make it through the church service which is great” Angela Hamilton said.

Hamilton says power was out for about 4 hours, but with neighbors helping each other they started cleaning up the mess left behind.

“Neighbors were helping neighbors, people coming to help each other. From what I understand our friend that lives here had a couple of neighbors that have only lived here for a couple of months and they came down out of nowhere and started helping her. She had big trees down her yard,” Hamilton said.

Hamilton says Ganado is all about coming together when things get tough. “Its wonderful, that’s what neighbors are about and that’s what community is about. Ganado is a unique community where everyone takes care of each other.”

Mclean Raybon came all the way from Edna to help those in Ganado who are dealing with the aftermath of the storm.

“Just like during Harvey everybody helps everybody. I got a lot of family here and in Edna and just coming out and driving around seeing what we could do,” Raybon said.

Mayor Tegeler says the community took the necessary precautions and is thankful no one was hurt.
“It was just a wonderful sight seeing everybody out helping each other out.”

People living in Ganado plan to have the debris cleaned up by the end of the week.

“We have additional brush trucks scheduled for tomorrow and Saturday in addition to the normal pickup on Friday, Mayor Tegeler said.

“Hey, we are Jackson County strong, baby,” Raybon exclaims.