Nearly $4 million in grants will help revamp Victoria Regional Airport runways

VICTORIA, Texas- Victoria County Commissioners met Monday morning to officiate a grant destined for the Victoria Regional Airport. As the airport looks to continuously recover from Hurricane Harvey damage, the runway maintenance has a constant high price tag. On Monday morning, a total of $4 million will be available to begin the project with the aid of grants, TXDoT and county matching funds.

“TXDoT  Aviation and the FAA made $1.3 million available on top of the $2.6 million we already had and we needed 10 percent of that so, $134,000,” explains Lenny Llerena, Executive Director of the Victoria Regional Airport. 

Victoria County Commissioners were meant to match that 10% in order for the grant to be fulfilled.  A unanimous vote cleared the way Monday morning.

“Well these types of grants are absolutely vital, grants, the funding from the federal government, and also the state are essential to keeping the airport operational. Without that, we wouldn’t have the money locally to do that,” explains Victoria County Judge Ben Zeller. 

The project is expected to begin in April, and last at least nine months, weather permitting. The company leading the project already has a bid approved.

“A company from Wisconsin won the bid. This company will bring all their crew [members], so there’s going to be a lot of economical impact to the locals as a way of hotels, apartments mainly because it’s a long project, it’s not a two month project, it’s a nine month project,” adds Llerena.

The Victoria Regional Airport will host Texas Mile the last weekend of March, and immediately after begin construction. “In great success, bringing these grants to the county, we’re eager to see more of those come our way,” adds Zeller.