Nazareth Academy recovering from Flu outbreak

We have been talking about a recent outbreak of measles throughout the U.S.

Edna Isd is helping to prevent the spread of the disease with additional disinfectant…but something overlooked because of the measles…the flu.
Newscenter 25’s David Gibson spoke with officials at the Nazareth Academy about a recent outbreak of the flu affecting their students.

Nazareth academy is recovering from a flu outbreak that happened last week at their school.

They had about 100 students out sick last week, but only 60 of the students had the flu.

Officials want to make sure they are taking all the necessary measures to fight this outbreak.They are working around the clock to make sure all classrooms are disinfected,

They are allowing students more time to properly clean their hands.
“You know once we saw it started, we really up’d our precautions of hand washing, Clorox wipes on the desks, and door knobs. heavy duty cleaning at night time, and our janitorial service did a great job doing some extra cleaning,” says Susan Krejaci, School Nurse.

The school nurse says students got extra germ x to use and this week only 7 students remain out with the flu.