Navarro Median project negatively impacts some local businesses on route

Business owners concerned about the side effects of the construction

VICTORIA, Texas – As construction on Navarro continues, local businesses along the route are starting to feel the negative impact of the nearly year-long project. The Navarro project is making several businesses work around the construction as workers start to work directly in front of their businesses causing most business entrances to be blocked.  

Business owners wished they could’ve had a choice of when their entrances were going to be blocked. 

We weren’t involved in any of the planning and of when these things may be set up, when our entrance was going be impacted,” said Tammy Mitscherling, owner of Car Country Dealership.  

The construction comes during income tax season when businesses see their highest foot traffic of the year but with entrances being blocked, the traffic has been slow.  

“It’s income tax season which is our primetime of the year for us to sell vehicles. This time of year, is really what helps carry us for the entire year, it’s very imperative that we do well during this time and my business not being accessible because of the construction is negatively impacting my business.” said Mitscherling.  

As construction blocks off several lanes and entrances to businesses, customers are having to take longer routes to enter businesses which deters them from going at all.  

Fortunately, local businesses won’t have to suffer for long as the Navarro project is currently near completion as only one section remains between Crestwood Drive and Mockingbird, which is expected to be finished by May or June, if the weather permits.  

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