National Weatherperson’s Day, celebrating Trey Meynig

Happy National Weatherperson's Day

VICTORIA, Texas – On Saturday, Feb. 5, it was national weatherperson’s day. A great time to celebrate meteorologist Trey Meynig. He’s worked for many years informing everyone in the Crossroads about the weather. In the past, he has been a meteorologist for the Sunrise morning show. Often working his magic in front of the green screen, giving important coverage for hurricane season or when the weather is abnormal in Texas.

Happy National Weatherperson’s Day

“All the way since I was a small kid, interested in weather, watching the weather casters back home and it kind of inspired me. Watching the weather patterns, hurricanes, and storms moving through southeast Texas. It intrigued me, got me fascinated in weather, so I decided to make it a career. Long story, short, I went to college and wound up back here in Victoria,” shared Meynig.

Meynig has shared that he enjoys meteorology, especially because he feels as though he is serving the community.

He is honored to inform others about the weather

“I’m very thankful for that and very honored to give you the weather, each day that I work,” said Meynig.

Howard Gordon and Brian Alonzo are also honored

“And I’m sure I can speak for Howard and Brian. They are also honored and have the privilege to give you the weather forecast each day here at the Victoria Television Group,” he said. “And so we are happy to serve our community and are happy to do what we do,” said Meynig.