Mysterious Note Gives Shopper Hope

VICTORIA— A trip to the local grocery store turned out to be a chance encounter for one Victoria woman. We spoke with her about what she got at the store that was priceless.

“I am in a situation that needs a lot of prayer,” said Donna Rivera.

Victoria resident Donna Rivera said she is going through a difficult time.

“Car needs to be fixed, I don’t really have a permanent place to stay,” said Rivera.

So Rivera turned to her faith to push through.

“When i was praying, I was asking him i wish you would hear me,” said Rivera.

Rivera said the very next day she got confirmation her prayer was heard and it came in the form of a sticky note with five words that would stick with her, ‘Just pray he hears you.’

The note left by a stranger on the pet food aisle at the H-E-B on Rio Grande.

“God knew I was going to that aisle, that is where he put the note,” said Rivera.

Rivera owns The Rustic Dog House Spa and said she makes numerous trips to the grocery store.

“I am a dog groomer that is why I like to hang out it the dog groom section,” said Rivera.

She said the note left just above the dog shampoo was a God send.

“When I saw that i knew for that moment that god was talking to me and telling me that he heard me,” said Rivera.

Rivera was so touched she shared the note on social media.

And by sharing her find she learned she wasn’t alone, other shoppers replied with notes they found at the same H-E-B.

And even store employees said they have seen several notes this week.

“We have seen some here on our gumball machines. So whoever you are thank you for these little notes” said Ashley Gamboa.

Rivera said she left the store that day with something money cant buy, hope and inspiration, all thanks to a small note by a thoughtful stranger with a big heart.

“I hope that they are blessed beyond measure” said Rivera.