Murder victim’s family speaks

After Jarrett Parker’s family left the courtroom, several members started hugging one another after hearing that Amber Sorensen was sentenced to 25 years in prison. Don Parker, Jarrett’s father spoke with Newscenter 25 about the sentencing.

“There’s no price on life but yeah it’s justice, but nobody wins here. There’s no win, there’s never a win when it’s a death in the family. We’re left with an empty spot forever. She’s left her family, kids, and they have an empty spot so it’s a no-win situation,” said Don Parker, Jarrett Parker’s father.

Over the last two and a half weeks, several members from the Parker and Sorensen family have taken off work to get the outcome of this case. Here’s how Don feels now that the trial is over.

“We feel that justice was served today. Our prosecution team did one outstanding job along with the Texas Rangers and the DPS Forensic Scientist. We want to express our thanks to all the hard work they did,” said Don.

Don said he plans to be used by God to help other families.

“I go to Parkway Church. I’m going to get involved with a small group, learn the foundation and then I’d like to create a group for parents with similar problems like I have. We can all get together and talk and I’m going to call it the JPP Outreach that stands for Jarrett Paul Parker Outreach,” said Don.

The hole in the hearts of the Parker family will never be healed, but this outreach program will be a way to help heal others.