Murder suspect’s family says he’s a “good kid” after girlfriend testifies of abuse

Tuesday at the Raheem Jones trial, witnesses to Jones’ behavior and attitude took to the stand for impact statements.

The trial started with Lauren Hamilton, the mother of Raheem’s six month old child.

She told listeners about several physically violent altercations that happened with Jones.

One incident occurred when Jones thought she was cheating on him. He took her to the park and pushed her head towards the floor board and put his feet on her neck and turned the heat up in the vehicle. Hamilton also said Jones destroyed the radio in her car.

The defendant’s attorney called several witnesses to the stand who testified he was a “good kid.” They each explained that after he had an ATV accident, and doctors told him he would never play football again, his demeanor and attitude changed.

The trial is set to resume again Wednesday morning at 8:30 am.