Mumphord’s Place BBQ 115th family reunion

Mumphord’s BBQ has a rich history behind these doors and this weekend was a significant milestone included in the family accomplishments.

“Today’s our 115th family reunion my great grandpa started family reunions in 1904 he bought some land in between Placedo and DaCosta and started the Juneteenth in 1904,” said Ricky Mumphord, The CEO of Mumphord’s Place BBQ.

Ricky Mumphord is the CEO of Mumphord’s Place BBQ in Victoria. The Mumphord’s family members traveled to Victoria from different parts of Texas to be a part of the family milestone. Their model is a family that prays together stays together, and Mumphord explained why having a family reunion is so significant to him.

“My dad, a week before he passed away he asked me to keep this going if it’s 2 or 3, have this family reunion so that’s a big significant to me doing something my dad asked me to do,” said Mumphord.

This family-owned business has spent a lot of time giving back to the community. The Mayor from the City of New Orleans awarded the Mumphord’s for helping the people in need during Hurricane Katrina.

“About 150 was at the hotel, and we actually got a phone call from the County Commissioner asking if we would please help and it was automatic so twice a week would feed 150 people,” said Mumphord.

The Mumpord’s Place BBQ also has their own BBQ sauce, and they are on the list for the 50 Best BBQ Joints in the world.

“People come from all over the United States, just to come to see the place because you’re in the top 50, so it’s been a wonderful experience and you get to know people, and they will call you sometimes just to say, hey were in Memphis,” said Mumphord.