Multiple electric pole fires, reported outages in the area

The Victoria Electric Cooperative released a statement
Electric Pole Fires

TEXAS – On Friday, the Victoria Electric Cooperative reported outages and multiple electric pole fires. Some of the areas that faced outages throughout the day include:

  • Nursery
  • Port Lavaca
  • Seadrift
  • Lower Mission Valley
  • Fannin
  • Victoria

At approximately 12:40 p.m., the Victoria Electric Cooperative released the following message:

“This morning, the VEC service area is experiencing an unprecedented number of outages as a result of pole fires. Currently, these poll fires have impacted 5 substations across our system. We have called in personnel and are actively working these outages as safely and quickly as possible. At this time, we ask that in an effort not to tie up all of our phone lines, before you call in to the office to report your outage, please look at your neighbors to determine if they are out of power as well. IF you are an isolated outage, please call or use the means listed on this site for reporting an outage. Otherwise, if you and your neighbors are both out of power, we should be aware of the outage.

What causes a Pole Fire?

Pole fires are most common in the spring during high humidity weather conditions, especially during light rain or dense fog and most commonly during drought conditions similar to what we are currently experiencing. Contamination such as dirt, dust and salt accumulates on insulators and cross arms and once moisture occurs, creates a route for electricity to travel or track from the power lines to the wood which ultimately causes a fire. The crossarm and sometimes the pole catches faire resulting in an outage. Based upon the weather forecast, we are at risk for this over the next several mornings and until our area receives a heavy rainfall to wash the contamination from the distribution system.

If you see a pole fire or a pole smoking, please do not hesitate to call VEC or the police/sheriff department.

Thank you for your patience”

The Victoria Electric Cooperative provided the above information and photo.

You can find more updates on outages and electric pole fires on VEC’s Facebook page.