Moulton ISD proposes $14 million dollar bond

The Moulton Independent School District is proposing a $14 million bond this election season.

There is a 14 million dollar bond on the May 4th ballot for Moulton ISD and Newscenter 25 reporter David Gibson spoke with the Superintendent about what this bond will mean for the district.

“We organized a facilities committee that went through and broke down all of the needs and all the basic attributes to the school that need to be improved,” explains Todd Grandjean, Moulton Superintendent.

Superintendent Todd Grandjean says this school was built in 1901 and needs some much need upgrades.

“One of the major components of the bond is going to be a new cafeteria building, which would include new classrooms, some science rooms, technology infrastructure, library and a band hall,” adds Grandjean.

With the bond, the district will renovate their gym that was built back in the 1930s along with their high school.

“Its a very historic part of the community and it has a lot of sentimental value and we are going to do some things like air condition, renovate the inside so it will be a completely usable building for we hope another 100 years,” smiles Grandjean.

If the bond passes, there will be a 25 cent tax increase. This is how the bond would be broken down for the average tax payer for a home vauled at $100,000. It will cost you about $188 per year. Homeowners in the area are divided on the proposal.

“Right now as far as I can tell it is probably the middle of the road. We got some people who are asking a lot of questions, we had two town hall meetings where people expressed their concerns,” declares Grandjean.

Homeowners 65 years and older will be exempt from the tax increase, but if they own any other land it will be taxed.

For more information visit Moulton ISD’s website here.