Motorcycle club rallies in support of bullied student

"It was just to show these kids that they are not alone," Bobby Alvarado said.

VICTORIA, Texas – After his son experienced a rash of bullying incidences – the father of one Patti Welder Middle School student wants to make sure victims don’t feel alone.

Bobby Alvarado and members of a local motorcycle club showed up to pick up Noah after school, in full force.

“It was just to show these kids that they are not alone,” Alvarado said.

Noah, Alvarado’s son, says it’s difficult when you’re considered an outsider.

“But what they really don’t know is that they are hurting other kids and they are hurting their parents too because of what they’re doing to them,” Noah said.

Shawna Currie, Communications Director for the Victoria ISD, says bullying is always taken seriously.

“The incident that happened this week, it was reported by a staff member and our administration addressed it at the start of the day the next morning and it was dealt with,”  Currie said.

But some circumstances aren’t easy to detect.

“Some of these kids aren’t going to say that they are being bullied, whether its asking for a schedule change or asking to be moved to a different class or leave early, look into it, there’s a reason why they are asking for help,” Alvarado said.

Recent changes to legislation have broadened the definition to bullying to include incidences that occur online and off campus.

“We want to make sure it’s addressed so that students feel safe and want to be at school,” Currie said.

Alvarado says campus administrators did not appreciate the demonstration.

“Yeah, they really didn’t like it,” Alvarado said.

However, the message was clear to Noah – when he saw the motorcycle club ready to greet him after school.

“It felt like I actually have people sticking up for me and it felt like I belong,” Noah said.

There is a bullying category on the new Victoria Crime Stoppers website as well as a reporting process for bullying posted on the Victoria ISD website.