Mother Reacts to Video Showing Son Being Arrested

Natalie Jones reacts to a video where a VPD officer picks up and takes to the ground her 17 year old son.

“When I’ve seen him just pick my child off the ground with no reason to do that, I mean it broke my heart, I mean I can’t watch it.”

An action she believes was wrong.

“I got to where the officer picks my son off the ground which is very uncalled for, very. I could see if my son had the gun on or he was threatening him or the cop was in danger, but he wasn’t” she adds.

An overwhelming issue that has made recent headlines are cases of unnecessary force with youth, a problem Natalie says will only change with more respect on both sides.

“These days they rebel and do a lot of these things against our officers because our officers don’t know how to treat them, if the officer were to handle them as if they were their kids, that’s how they should handle it.” she says.

The video that shows an officer frisking 17 year old Patrick Byers, then shows him on the ground next has circulated throughout social media, and one post alone has more than eight-thousand views. Natalie hopes this sends out a message

“Think you need to have a talk with your officers to teach them to handle our youth differently. Because that’s the downfall, the youth, And I don’t want my son to think the law or all officers are bad because of one mistake.” she says.

Now we did reach out to VPD, for a comment on the case. VPD states this case is still under investigation.