Mother documents her daughter’s cancer journey online


VICTORIA, Texas – A community member named Askaskia Hobbs shared that her 9-year-old daughter Keimryn Lee was diagnosed with bone cancer. Hobbs started a GoFundMe page to accept donations and documenting Keimryn Lee’s journey on Facebook for others to see.

The child was diagnosed with osteosarcoma on April 22, in 2021. While undergoing chemo therapy, she will move to amino therapy in two weeks at Texas Children’s Hospital. In order to help pay for medical expenses and gas to drive to Houston for treatment, Hobbs’ family had two fundraisers already. Previously, they had a golf tournament and a barbecue. Right now they are selling t-shirts for $15 each and larger sizes are $17 to $18 dollars to obtain more donations.

Hobbs’ shared more about this journey, saying it’s helpful to have community input.

“It’s a hard diagnosis to go through. As a parent, to see your child go through it and with the strength and resilience that Keimryn has right now. It keeps me motivated as a parent and it helps to have our community us when we have things go on like this,” she said.

Hobbs said childhood cancer is not that rare and she remains motivated to help her and her daughter get through this journey together. If you would like to make a donation to help the cause, links are provided in article and again below.

To make a donation via go fund me, click here:

Go to the following link to view Keimeryn Lee’s journey on Facebook:

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