Mosquito spraying continues for City of Victoria and Victoria County

Victoria County and City of Victoria mosquito spraying.
City of Victoria

Credit: City of Victoria mosquito spraying

VICTORIA, Texas – Mosquito spraying in the City of Victoria began this past weekend.

Victoria County, outside the City limits, began spraying last week, according to David Gonzales with the Victoria County Public Health Department.

The City of Victoria will continue to spray twice a week, but it will take all week to cover all areas, according to a news release.

“Staff will finish spraying the entire city May 11. Then, they will re-spray the city a second time May 12 to 14,” said the City in a news release. “This schedule is subject to change depending on weather, since the spray cannot be used in rain.”

Below is a statement from the City Parks and Recreation:

The treatment schedule is based on safety regulations for the insecticide Parks and Recreation uses. The insecticide may not be used to re-treat an area within three days. The manufacturer also limits the amount that may be applied to an acre within 24 hours.

Mosquitoes take 8-10 days to grow from an egg to an adult, and mosquito spray is not effective on eggs or larvae. During the past week, Parks & Recreation treated standing water on City-owned property with larvicide to kill mosquito larvae.

Currently, the Parks and Recreation is developing an integrated pest management plan that will include mosquito trapping.

In the meantime, it is encouraged residents treat or pour standing water to prevent mosquito from breeding.

If residents need more information about mosquito spraying, contact Parks and Recreation at 361-485-3200.

Victoria County 

The Victoria County Public Health Department began spraying last week in Bloomington and Crescent Valley with adulticide.

Last week larvicide application was applied to all of Victoria County, said Gonzales with the health department.

On Monday, May 10, mosquito spraying will be conducted in Northside, Nursery, Brentwood, Guadalupe, Dacosta, Placedo, Salem, Telferner, Upper Mission Valley and Lower mission valley areas.

On Tuesday, May 11, mosquito spraying will be conducted in Inez, Quail Creek, Coletoville, Shady Oaks and McFaddin.

Bloomington and Crescent Valley will receive a second application.

“These areas will be placed on a 3-4 day application rotation as long as weather conditions allow us to spray,” said Gonzales.

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