Mosquito Prevention Encouraged Following Recent Rain

With the expected increase of rain in the Crossroads comes the increase in concern of pesky mosquitoes.

“Mosquitoes were so bad here with the rain and everything so when I saw the mosquito squad sign I thought I’d try them one time last year.”

Mosquitos are not only pests, but they can transmit viruses and illnesses that can be dangerous.
So far, 12 Zika cases and 1 West Nile case has been reported in Texas for 2017. Luckily zero cases have occurred in the Crossroads this year.

“In Victoria we have not seen any cases of West Nile Virus this year. We did not see any cases in people last year. In 2015 we had one case of the West Nile virus in a person,” says Epidemiologist Kyle McCauley with the Victoria County Public Health Department.

So how does Victoria County prevent the spread of mosquitoes? Health officials offer these important tips for residents.

“One is not to go out between dawn and dusk because that’s when mosquitoes are most active. We also advise wearing long pants and long shirts, because less exposed skin leaves less area for mosquitoes to bite you,” says McCauley.

So after the storm clouds clear, remember to arm yourself when going outside.