More than 8,600 bats were found dead after the winter storm

VICTORIA, Texas—– TxDOT, Animal Control, and some Victoria staff members confirmed that more than 8,600 bats were found dead due to the winter storm.

“They’re not very good at tolerating cold temperatures. As the temperatures got colder they huddled up into bigger groups under the bridge to try to keep warm and as the temperatures dropped it seems like the ones on the outside of the group suffered, said Trey Barron, Texas Parks, and Wildlife Region 4.

The bats found are called the Mexican free-tailed bats and they come to the Victoria area all year long to stay warm but after the winter storm, they were found in several unusual places.

“They ended up in a few places in Victoria all of them associated with bridges and those areas in a normal year when we don’t have big winter storms have done quite well,” said Barron.

Barron says the community should be aware of some of the diseases that the bats could be carrying.

“They could carry diseases, rabies being one of them that gets the most attention. It’s generally recommended that if you do see a bat not to touch the bat let it be or contact somebody with more experience with bats like animal control or us.

If you see dead bats please call Victoria Animal Control at 361-578-3564 or call the Texas Parks and Wildlife at 361-575-6306.