More than 137 families in the Crossroads get medical debt forgiven

More than 4.6 million dollars in medical debt was cleared for families in Texas.

The Emergency Medical Group in south Texas and RIP Medical Debt joined together to clear families of medical debt in Victoria.

DeTar Hospital emergency physicians, members of Victoria Association gave back to several Victoria families by helping remove medical debt.

In the Crossroads more than 130 family’s debts were cleared off their credit report.

“We forgave the debt of 708 families or individuals in or around central Texas and the total amount of debt forgiven was 4.6 million dollars in Victoria county it was 137 individuals,” Jim Brand, President of the Victoria Emergency Associates.

Rip was launched in July 2014 by two former collection executives. The program researchers bundled debt portfolios to see which one meets the criteria for financial relief.

Newscenter 25 asked Jim Brand, President of Victoria Emergency Associates where does the donations come from to clear the debts?

“These donations are coming from our company which is Victoria Emergency Associates, but in general, anyone can donate to RIP and have debt forgiven for people anywhere in the country,” Brand replied.

There’s currently no way to apply for the debt relief program. People are chosen if they meet a certain criterion.

If your debt is eliminated you will receive a letter in the mail from RIP Medical Debt stating your debt was forgiven.