More Showers and Storms; Tropics Becoming More Active

Showers and storms will continue for the next few days throughout the Crossroads. The best chance for showers and storms will occur Sunday and Monday. A trough of low pressure and cold front will make its way into the Crossroads by then. Some storms may produce some heavy rain. By Tuesday, the cold front will stall out to the south of us. With enough moisture and daytime heating, we will keep the chance of showers and storms in the forecast Tuesday through next Friday. The tropics are very active. Currently, we have four areas of interest.

Tropical storm Florence is still in the Central Atlantic. As Florence moves away from strong wind shear in the Atlantic, it will likely strengthen back into a hurricane. The forecast track for Florence still showing lots of uncertainties. Next week if strong high pressure builds over the northeast united states, Florence will head towards the United States. However, a low pressure trough could develop off the East coast to steer Florence away. Tropical Depression Eight is just off the coast of Africa. It will continue a northwest track into the open Atlantic. Tropical Depression Nine will continue to move west and head towards the Caribbean. We will continue to watch Tropical Depression Nine extra carefully over the next few days. Helene and Issac will likely be assigned to Tropical Depression Eight and Nine.