More adoptive parents needed in Victoria

November is National Adoption Awareness Month

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During the last fiscal year, more than 1100 children were adopted throughout the region
that includes Victoria and fourteen of them were in Victoria. But it wasn’t enough to find a
safe and loving new home for every child who needed one.
Over 2900 children in Texas foster care are waiting to be adopted.

Said Jared Speights, Adoption Cnild Protective Services caseworker, “One of the things that we love and I professionally get to participate in is adoptions. That’s one of the things I love to talk about and it’s a passion of mine. Professionally, and for Child Protective Services, it is the best thing that CPS does.”

Foster care is meant to be temporary until a permanent living arrangement is found. However, it can become permanent – usually when a foster parent adopts or accepts permanent managing conservatorship of a child.

Said Speights, “For folks who want to open their hearts and homes, adoption is an avenue where they can find joy and so many children in our area can have a permanent loving, caring home.”

To be a foster parent in Texas, you have to be at least 21 years old, you have to be able to pass a criminal background check, and you have to have some references from folks that will vouch for you.

Said Speights, “All they want to do is grow up in normalcy. They want to grow up in a loving home. They want to be able to have a parent. Somebody that can care for them and protect them and guide them into young adulthood.”

Children in foster care may have to change placements several times while in foster care due to a variety of factors. The age ranges of the foster children vary. CPA has a variety of initiatives designed to increase placement options to better match the needs of each individual child.

Said Speights, ” It doesn’t necessarily have to be a 20-year commitment if you’re adopting an infant child. It could be a 5-10 year commitment when you open your heart and your home to a five year old, 10 year old, 12 year old.”

During November, which is National Adoption Awareness Month, CPS is teaming up
with many other partners for virtual adoption ceremonies, match parties and other events
throughout the state, to focus attention on the many children waiting for ‘forever’ homes
and normal lives.

Said Speights, “You can come from any walk of life. But all that you have to have is a caring home and a willingness to open your life, open your home to one or more than one sometimes.”

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