Moody Gardens remains open, recommends weekday visits

Moody Gardens remains open, recommends weekday visits

GALVESTON, Texas – If you’re looking for a break from social distancing doldrums, you may want to plan a road trip to Moody Gardens, they have taken precautions to keep staff and employees safe. 

Before heading to Moody Gardens, it’s important to remember that the city of Galveston does have a mandatory mask order, so there will be plenty of reminders about that posted around the area. 

“So when you come to Moody Gardens, you’ll see signage reminding to you keep socially distant and to keep six feet apart,” Alexis Shelly said.

Alexis Shelly, a spokesperson for the recreational venue, says there may also be long lines at the 3-D and 4-D theatres due to capacity limits.

While they were closed, the only contact animals had been with biologists and as people have started to return, it’s hard to miss their excitement, Shelly said.

“So we definitely did notice that the animals did miss the guests so if you do come to Moody Gardens you will see a lot of heightened activity among the animals because they are really excited that guests are able to come back and visit them,” Shelly said.

If you’re looking to social distance but also have a fun time at Moody Gardens, Shelly advises visiting during the week to avoid crowds; at the hotel on the property, there are also discounts during the weekdays. 

“When you come down here make sure you can check out all the attractions, we have the hotel right here on the property and we have our golf course, which it’s perfect golfing weather right now, so come down to Moody Gardens, we’re ready for you, we’re ready to welcome you back to your happy place,” Shelly said.

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