Moody Gardens ready for the holidays

Moody Gardens in Galveston is ready for the holidays.

The educational tourist destination is known for its three pyramids. A rainforest, aquarium and wildlife conservatory.

The decked out place is now complete with an ice land, featuring handcrafted sculptures of world-wide landmarks for this holiday season. The attractions are all stored in a 9 degree building.

Jerri Hamachek with Moody Gardens says,

” it ‘s basically a city of ice they create these enormous ice sculptures that are amazing works of art, so we brought some of that here to Texas, we are one of just a few locations in the county that you can see something like this, so we change the theme each year, and this year we have a theme is called Christmas around the world. ”

Moody Gardens will have this attraction until the beginning of next year. To get a full list of activities, and pricing visit