Moderate Drought Affecting Ranchers in the Crossroads

Right now, most of the Crossroads is under moderate drought meaning there is reason for concern. In the month of May, Victoria have seen .02″ and May 2nd was the last day we saw rain. If the dry conditions continue ranchers will be faced with tough decisions.

“If it doesn’t rain in the next couple of months, we are going to have to figure what we have to get rid of or buy hay,” said Tommy Ohrt.

The hay is used as a supplement for the cattle to receive nutrients since the green grass is pretty much all brown. “Right now it is so dry. There is no moisture in the ground. All of the mud holes are dried up. The grass will get burned more by the sun,” said Ohrt.

Ranchers like Tommy Ohrt may have to sell some of their cattle because the money to buy feed is just too expensive. “It depends on how long it lasts for to decide how much feed in them. Then eventually you will run out of money. Then you will have to sell them all because you can’t feed them year round,” said Ohrt.

The forecast calls for the dry conditions to persist in the short term but Ohrt hopes for some rain very soon. In the next seven days, slight rain chances are possible Sunday and Monday.