Mission Valley Volunteer Fire Department Raises Money for New Brush Truck

“Well they have to have money to operate.” Sue Howard, a Mission Valley resident, donates to help the local volunteer fire department raise money for new equipment. She says it’s important to support fire officials because they do a great service for the community.
“They do a tremendous service. and if we didn’t have that service out here, how long would it take some emergency vehicles to come from the city to help us,” Howard says. The Mission Valley Volunteer Fire Department raised 25,000 dollars toward a new brush truck, which is essential to have since grass fire season is quickly approaching.They are hoping to reach their goal by this summer.
“When it starts drying up that’s usually grass fire season. that’s why we’re having our big campaign now to try to raise 60,000 dollars to try to get our brush truck in service,” says Mission Valley Volunteer Fire Chief Kevin Heil.

Howard says none of this would be possible without the help of the community. “It’s important that people have this available to them in their area.”