Missing Swimmer Found Dead at Matagorda Beach

One man is dead after officials say they found his body at Matagorda Beach on Sunday.

On Saturday May 20th, The Matagorda County Sheriff’s Office was notified of a missing swimmer on Matagorda Beach 100 feet east of the Jetties that are located near the mouth of the Colorado River.

There were two people swimming and when they tried to come back to shore, the current was pulling them out in the Gulf.

One of the swimmers identified as a 15-year-old Asian male from Houston, fought the current and made it back to shore but lost sight of the other swimmer.

The U.S. Coast Guard was notified and sent an airplane, a helicopter, and a boat to the area to search for the missing swimmer.

On Sunday morning, the Matagorda County Sheriff’s Office was notified by Coast Guard that a body was located on the beach one mile west of the Colorado River on Matagorda Island.

Matagorda County Sheriff’s Office Lt. Frank Craft, Game Warden David Janssen, and LCRA Ranger Sgt. Kurtis Brown went to the Location given by Coast Guard on Matagorda Island and located a body that matched the clothing description of the missing swimmer.

The body of 23-year-old Van Lian Trang, Asian Male from Houston, Texas was recovered and brought to shore.

The area where this incident occurred has signs that say “NO SWIMMING – DANGEROUS CURRENTS”.