Minor injuries sustained in three vehicle accident involving a transit bus

The Department of Public Safety responded to a call for a three car accident around 8:30 pm last night. Newscenter 25’s David Gibson spoke to DPS and tells us what happened. Last night around 8:30pm there was a 3 vehicle accident involving a Victoria Transit Bus that happened at the intersection of U.S Highway 87 and Wood Hi road. DPS says there were injuries sustained. Jay Ficklen a passenger sitting in the second seat of the bus, tells me in a statement “that it was crazy and at first he thought it was a head on collision with another vehicle. Ficklen was traveling with 22 other passengers on a Victoria Transit bus from the Interplast Plant along Highway 87. Sargent Ruben San Miguel from the Department of Public safety says two road construction crews were working and driving side by side going north on US Highway 87. when the pickup truck in the outside lane tried to make a left turn
“Well when Mr. Turner turned from the right lane crossing the left lane or the inside lane, then Mr. Hernandez struck that vehicle. The collision happened on the front right of the GMC pickup and the front left of the Chevy pickup,” tells Sgt. Ruben San Miguel, DPS. When the pick up trucks hit, it sent metal debris flying into the air.
“The collision sent some debris in the air accidentally struck the transit bus. Victoria transit was transporting plant workers,” adds Sgt. San Miguel. The transit bus driver saw the collision between the pick up trucks and tried to avoid them when the metal debris flew through the window.
“As Mr. Ernesto Garza was driving by in the bus, a piece of debris flew into the drivers window of the bus striking the driver in the left side,” declares Sgt. San Miguel. The Victoria transit adds that Mr. Garza was treated at Detar and released. San Miguel says there is no other reported injuries sustained during the collision.
“There was no one transported to the hospital at the crash,” says Sgt. San Miguel. After investigating the crash, DPS issued the driver of the pick up truck a citation, for turning when unsafe.