Military Hero: Raul ‘Roy’ Martinez

Raul "Roy" Martinez is the Military Hero for the month of June

VICTORIA, Texas – This month’s military hero is Raul “Roy” Martinez.

Martinez said he knew he wasn’t going to college so after he graduated high school he signed up to serve his country.

“I joined the Army and became a paratrooper and volunteered for Vietnam,” Martinez said.

He comes from a family with strong military roots stemming back to World War II on both his father’s and mother’s side.

“They were all in service, so I felt like it was the thing to do,” Martinez said. “It’s really something that you know, kind of stays with you for a while.”

When he came home he never talked to anyone about his experiences, later Martinez joined the fire department in Houston.

“I didn’t even know if there were other vets because back then you didn’t want to give yourself out,” Martinez said. “You didn’t want to come out of the closet being a vet because there were so many people protesting and stuff.”

After he was assigned to the 101st airborne brigade and stationed in Germany, Martinez voluntarily went to Vietnam in March 1967.

“It was some things that, that I just can’t, sometimes I wake up and I go, ‘Damn, I made it through that,’ you know, but it’s good and I don’t regret it.”  

Martinez was a firefighter for ten years before moving to Los Angeles to become a standup comedian for 20 years.

Martinez is now retired living in Goliad with his wife Becky Martinez.

“I feel honored, I’m very honored that ya’ll chose me and it’s a great honor,” Martinez said. “There are so many vets out there but you know the VFW folded out here a few years ago, and really there’s no organization to really get it together but there’s a lot of guys out here in this county and in Cuero and other places that have very interesting stories.”

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Thank you to all veterans for their service to the country and thank you to Raul “Roy” Martinez for sharing his story.