Military Hero For October

Our Military Hero for October is Albert Totah Sr.

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VICTORIA, Texas—Albert Totah Sr. is this month’s Military Hero.

Just over 70 years later, at 93 years young, Albert Totah Sr. still has so many of the records of his service in the Korean War. In July of 1951, Mr. Totah was sent with the 40th Infantry Division to Korea. Since he had previous food service at Totah’s Fine Foods Of Victoria, Mister Totah became a mess sergeant. Most of the time he was in Korea, on the 38th parallel, he was busy preparing meals in the U.S. Army kitchen.

“We were preparing food in a tent two miles behind the front lines, putting them in insulated carriers and taking them up to the front lines, ” said Mr. Totah. “That was my first catering experience. ”

Mr. Totah spent most of his time in Korea in an area called the Ice Bowl.

“It was just a rough, cold country to be in,” said Mr. Totah. “A lot of rough terrain, and the worst part of it was the ice and snow. We would sleep in an insulated sleeping bag. When we’d wake up we’d see all of the ice crystals on the sleeping bag. ”

While he was busy preparing the meals, Mr. Totah still had to be on the lookout for incoming mortar shells and shrapnel.

“You never knew where they were coming down or how close they were coming down to you.”

Mr. Totah served in Korea until August, 1952.

“It was very rewarding feeding them, “said Mr. Totah. “They looked forward to the hot meals that we were able to prepare and serve under the conditions that we had.”

For his service in Korea, Mr. Totah received the Combat Infantryman Badge, the Korean Service Medal, with two Bronze Service Stars, the U.N. Service Medal and the Army Of Occupation Medal.

“I’ve always been proud of my service to our country.”

Soon after Mr. Totah returned to Victoria, he put his Korean War food service experience to good use. He opened The Corral Restaurant, a well-know Victoria restaurant that he ran for over 60 years. To nominate a Military Hero come to our website, – we want to hear from you.

Thank you to Albert Totah Sr. and all military veterans out there for the sacrifices made for our freedoms as Americans.

Don Brubaker KAVU-TV – 25 News Now