Military Hero: Don Easley

VICTORIA, Texas- Normandy Beach, a familiar image for World War II veterans like Donald Easley at the young age of 18 enlisted in the Army. Now, looking back, he still recalls the hardships soldiers faced.

His daughter, Donna Easley sits next to him and asks, ‘What stands out the most? Battle of the Bulge? Why does that particular battle stand out to you?’

“Because it was such bad weather, below freezing, snowing, we were in snow up to our waist,” Mr. Easley answers. 

Through his service, Easley fought in five major battles all across Europe.

“[It’s} just amazing to me, my father fought in 5 major battles in World War II, he was in Normandy, D-Day 5 , Fifth Way, Battle of the France, Battle of the Bulge, he was in the Battle of Rhine, and Battle of Central Europe,” adds Donna Easley.

He’s been awarded with several medals, for his work and bravery including, the 5-Bronze Service Star Medal, Good Conduct Medal and the World War II Victory Medal.  

Later this year, Mr. Easley is set to receive yet another medal, the ‘Legion of Honor’ by the French government that will be honoring him for his service in the liberation of France.

“We are so excited to participate in his heroism, which will be in September, I just can’t say enough about my father and all the things that he’s accomplished in his life,” says daughter, Donna Easley.      

We salute Mr. Don Easley for being this month’s military hero.