Military Hero: Clint Maddox

VICTORIA, Texas – Clint Maddox is the Military Hero for the month of May.

“I was a Supply Sergeant in the Army,” Maddox said.  “I supplied a battalion and I had a great job, a fantastic job. Then I had an arms room, which I had to take care of all the arms for all the troops. You know, we issued them out. We took them back and made sure they were serviced, clean, and so forth… These troops nowadays are coming back with no arms, no legs. I mean, just really in bad shape, back near Vietnam. We didn’t have, we had a lot of booby traps, but it wasn’t as bad as it is now. But the technology has gotten so far in advance. Now back when I was in, it was kind of like old school, you know, you just had to watch out for booby traps and wires and stuff like that. But nowadays you can’t see anything. You just drive up on it and the next thing you know, you’re gone.”

Maddox also worked as a truck driver after his ten years of military service.

“Well, my parents, all my family’s from Victoria, I was born in Gonzales and at 14 months old and my mother gave me up for adoption and the lady demand adopted me and my grandpa lived here in Victoria, which is my adopted grandpa,” Maddox said. “So my family stayed here in Victoria. And that’s why I’ve always been back to Victoria.”

Today, you can find Maddox at the Chili’s in Victoria working as a fry cook.

“I’ve been in the food business for many, many years,” Maddox said. “I had my own restaurant here in town is called Clint’s South Texas Barbecue on Navarro. I made what they called trashcan taters and we played chili cheese and jalapenos on it. They called it a redneck nacho and they were very popular back.”

He recently married Norma Carmona and purchased a home for his new family to live in together after the passing of her father.

“Because of Clint, we were able to buy a beautiful home and have my mother come and live with us,” Norma Carmona-Maddox said. “And so she’s living with us and that just goes to show the kind of heart that he has and he gives so much to the community.”

“She sees my heart and I see her heart and in that return, we show our gratitude to each other and we show happy we are,” Maddox said. “I just thank the Lord, when I get up in the mornings and I get my first breath of fresh air, I thank Him.”

Maddox said he’s also thankful for everything the military taught him.