Military Hero: Carl Bludau

VICTORIA, Texas- We’ve seen the chilling video of war in Vietnam, taking us back to the late 1960’s. The stories continue as brave veterans recall their time in a land far from home. Carl Bludau, a 82nd airborne division war veteran, our military hero of the month shared those moments all while saying he’s far from being a hero.

“To be considered a hero is not something that I  would ever want to be considered, being that I served in that great outfit. There are a lot of heroes around, those are the guys that wear the medal of honor around their neck, and also we have a national cemeteries, the Arlington National cemetery, and that’s where the heroes are,” says Bludau.

Carl Bludau served as a radio operator while being on the grounds. He recalls the thick jungles his division walked through daily, just to get drinking water. However, his support from family and friends is what kept him going.

“I know that Larry Slevlik nominated me for this, he and I  went to high school together. He sent me a letter saying, ‘hey if y’all need some help, just let me know and I  will go join the army.’ How many people do you think in Vietnam received that letter?,” added Bludau.

We salute Carl Bludau as this month’s military hero. Thank you for your service.