Michael Cloud wins District 27

Michael Cloud wins District 27Michael Cloud wins District 27

The Midterm Elections were held Tuesday, and Michael Cloud was declared the winner of the District 27 race.

The Micheal Cloud watch party has electricity coursing through the room because Michael Cloud is the winner of District 27 race.

“Its been a long run, this is our 4th race of the year but its really been amazing,” Cloud said. “The people that we met over the journey, the people that came out to support. We say we always get the government we deserve but its just been a humbling experience.”

Cloud said he has many goals, but one main goal he is hoping to accomplish is hurricane Harvey recovery.

“We are still a district that recovering from hurricane Harvey across the district and making sure to help push those FEMA cases through the process and make sure they get the attention that’s need and deserves,” Cloud said.

Congressman Cloud believes we need to secure the border but also the immigration process needs to be reformed.

“They’re coming in not going through the proper process, so we are a welcoming country and we are a nation of immigrats but its about the proper process,” Cloud said.

Cloud says he is grateful for all the support and is ready to get back to work.

Supporters were excited that Cloud won and believe he is the right man for the job.