Michael Cloud visits Port of Victoria

Newly elected representative Michael Cloud arrived back to Victoria Friday. After touring Port of Victoria, our Griselda Perez spoke to him about his visit.

Michael Cloud met with several people in Victoria following visits across the district he has just been elected to represent. His first stop included visiting Victoria Independent School District School Board. As previously reported, the school district has had trouble with FEMA as funds get lower.

“We’re seeing the role that we can play in helping get the wheels moving from the federal level with VISD, with the port- we have good people working to move the agenda forward.” says Cloud.

Port of Victoria is another project representative Michael Cloud hopes to begin working on. The area, he explains, has a strong infrastructure with potential to expand and brig in more business. One of the priorities is working with FEMA and Army Corp. to make sure funds for projects are distributed to the area. Representative Michael Cloud insists in gathering as many concerns from his district to rightfully represent in Washington.

Michael Cloud will continue to travel through the district for the following week. He plans to meet with community leaders and his voters.