Michael Cloud Speaks on Impeachment Inquiry and more…

Just over a year ago Congressman Michael Cloud won the election to continue representing District 27 after a special election win.

In May 2019, Congressman Cloud took a trip to the southern border, as the peak of the so called crisis unfolded.

The issues are still a top priority in D.C.

“The villain isn’t even the migrants, or Mexico, or any other Central, Southern American country. The villain is these cartels who have such an outsized corrupting influence throughout the entire region.” says Congressman Cloud.

As border security remains a top priority, the impeachment inquiry has taken a toll on time for the representative.

“Some of those depositions are happening when im in Texas, something had to be done, to show them, to show the public how [not] transparent this process was.” adds Cloud.

Although national topics crowd news headlines, Cloud adds his goal for bettering his community is clear.

“We’re doing what we can to make sure that our veterans get the best care, those kinds of issues are the things that we continue to work on. it doesn’t get the headlines in today’s current environment, but we;’re happy to work on those sorts of things because we know that’s really what’s improving the lives of people.” says Cloud.