Messages for the Crossroads

With social distancing being an important act for everyone’s well being, some people can feel lonely and fearful.

The Victoria television group along with Klean corp began sending messages virtually to the Crossroads to remind everyone we’re in this together and will get through it together. Klean Corp was the first local business to help us with messages from the Crossroads.

Owner of Klean Corp Robbie Burge shared his thoughts behind making this something the community can enjoy.

“Anytime we have an opportunity to impact lives we do and we think that in today’s wold in all the uncertainty that everyone needs as little piece a little joy and some words of encouragement and being uplifted so we just has the idea of getting the community to come together and to hopefully offer inspirational uplifting words of encouragement to this great community we all call home,” said Burge.

It’s your chance to send a message to your clients, and we’re inviting other businesses and local leaders to send positive messages to the Crossroads.

Since Klean Corp started with the messages for the Crossroads, many local business have followed since then, sending out their heartfelt messages to the community.

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