Mental Health First Aid Program at Gulf Bend Center

The Mental Health First Aid Program at Gulf Bend is to teach everyone the risks factors and warning signs for someone who may be dealing with a mental health crisis. “It teaches you how to see the signs that offer compassionate support in helping that individual as well get to advanced medical care,” said Claudia McCarty.

Claudia McCarty believes the more mental health first aid personnel we have in the community the better off we can serve someone. “The more people will know what to do when a person at risk could be a co worker, friend, loved one, it could even be a stranger that you may have to help,” said McCarty.

So what are the signs to let you know that someone may be having a mental health crisis? “Self harm would be a sign in some individuals and some individuals despondency, isolation those are common signs of depression,” said McCarty.

If you are interested in learning more about mental health first aid be sure to call Gulf Bend Center.