Memorial Stadium Closer To Getting New Turf

New Turf Installation Planned For March

VISD, getting closer to installing new artificial turf at Memorial Stadium.

VISD athletic director Bobby Jack Wright, confirming to me that a deal could be finalized as soon as today between VISD and Hellas Construction to put in the new turf. Coach Wright told me the projected start-up date is March 16, and that the installation should take between six to seven weeks. Coach Wright hopes the new turf will be ready for the VISD spring football scrimmages. The VISD board voted 7-0 last November to approve a proposal by Frost Bank. That bank wants to donate $600,000 to VISD for installing the new turf.  It will still be called memorial stadium, but the field will be called Frost Bank Field. The last time the artificial turf at the stadium was replaced was in July, 2008.