Memorial Medical Center in Calhoun County approved for $1M for improvements

Calhoun County Commissioners unanimously approved $1 million in credit for the Memorial Medical Hospital.

“We just extended them the 1,000,000 million dollars on the line of their credit to fulfill their obligations without putting them in a bind,” said Richard Meyer, Calhoun County Judge.

In Commissioners Court in Calhoun County, the Memorial Medical Center, CEO Jason Anglin, CFO Diane Moore, and Terry Sizer, a board member, stood before the court to request a line of credit.

The request was made to draw $1 million from the County line of credit to participate in programs to improve Memorial Medical Center. One of the programs is the Texas Quality Improvement Payment Program for Texas nursing facilities.

“The nursing homes and the County hospitals are partnering with not owning. The County doesn’t own them. They partner with them to get state funds and the state funds get federal funds,” said County Judge Meyer.

According to the Texas Quality Improvement Program for nursing facilities, QIPP is being designed by the Texas Health and Human Services Commission in conjunction with nursing facilities, local governmental entities, and Medicaid managed care organizations to help improve nursing facilities in certain areas. Meanwhile, here’s how Calhoun County was able to extend this line of credit.

“Several years ago the Commissioners Court here set aside this $4,000,000 million line of credit for the hospital which the hospital is a County Hospital,” said County Judge Meyer.