Memorial Day Boat Safety

On Memorial Day several fatalities occur on a boat from not wearing a life jacket.

“The life jackets on people in the boat have to be worn by all children under 13 years of age when they’re in the boat said, Bob Ort,” Victoria Marine Owner.

Bob Ort is the Victoria Marine Owner who is an expert in boating. Mr. ort is passionate about boating safety because several of his friends died while boating. He says at night you must have a white light in front of your boat so that other boaters know that someone else is in the water to prevent facilities.

“We have had facilities in our area a couple of times because the lights were not on the boat. Turned on and someone got ran over in Lake Coleto Creek Reservoir said,” Ort.

According to the boating facility facts, alcohol is the leading cause of fatal accidents. In 2016, there were more than 700 deaths and approximately 79 million dollars of damaged property. Although it may seem fun, drinking while operating a boat, if caught it has serious consequences.

“BWI is drinking while your driving in the boat and will have the same penalties that it is for drinking and driving in a car,” said Ort.

Texas Boating while intoxicated laws and penalties state that most first- time offense of BWI’S are Class B Misdemeanors. Which carry up to $2,000 dollars in fines, between 72 hours and 180 days in jail. Therefore, take the necessary precaution to be safe on Memorial Day.