Members Uncover a Surprise in the Rubble of the Victoria Islamic Center

Days after the flames are out and the smoke has cleared, Osama Hassan walks through the ashes of the Victoria Islamic Center.

It’s his first return since Saturday morning’s fire, which left the mosque a total loss.

“It’s like your dream is gone. It’s like your child growing in front of you and you lost it,” says Hassan, the Victoria Islamic Center’s Imam. “I came in the morning and I saw the whole thing. It’s just very tough.”

It’s a close look at the destruction left in the unforgiving fires wake. Investigators say they’re still looking into every possibility for a cause, from a hate crime to an accident.

“We encourage the public to be patient with us as we continue our investigation,” says Victoria Fire Marshal Tom Legler.

As Hassan sifts through the remains of the mosque, he’s filled with a flood of emotions.

“it’s just very very sad you know, ” he says.

But out of the ashes,Hassan discovers something that gives him hope.

“You see the pages. It’s all here,” says Hassan as he holds up the Quran.

“This is a message that God protects his word. This is the word of God,” he says.

The word’s inside of the Quran were left untouched by the fire’s blaze.

“It’s burned around the pages, but still the words…nothing happened to the original words,” says Hassan.

Its a symbol of love Hassan says mirrors the support Victoria has given to the Islamic community.

“We are a big family in Victoria. We’re not a small community anymore,” he says.