Melvin Louis Fabian’s family share moments after the trial

Melvin Louis Fabian's family are still morning their loss and shared their feelings after hearing the trial's setence determination.

VICTORIA, Texas – On Saturday, Dec. 4, the Fabian family shared their grieving and mourning moments after the trial sentence. As they reminisced on moments with Melvin Louis Fabian, his kind gestures and familial hobbies.

Melvin Louis Fabian’s family spoke out about the sentence following the trial of Christopher Varela Junior. While the family shared moments about their brother, Robert Fabian said Melvin Fabian loved fishing. Also complimenting his relationships, he said he was really close to his two younger brothers Robert and Richard Fabian. Recalling on family gatherings, Melvin Fabian often arrived to his family’s weekend barbecue parties with a bouquet of flowers or a plant for his sister-in-law Lynda Fabian. In addition, the family shared that Melvin Fabian was caring, always willing to help others in need. As the family continues grieving their loss, they still miss him.

On Friday, Dec. 3, after the trial ended Varela Junior’s parents approached Robert and Lynda Fabian asking for their forgiveness. Robert Fabian recalled on this moment, mentioning that he did not have any hard feelings towards Varela Junior’s parents because of their genuine caring gesture. Even after hearing the final sentence determination.

“His parents accidentally met us after he was found guilty. They ran into us in the elevator and his dad put his hand out to me and asked for forgiveness,” said Robert Fabian.

Then his wife Lynda Fabian shared that she felt it was not the parents fault for the incident that happened the night she lost her brother-in-law. She was also just as touched by the Varela Junior’s parents gesture after the trial.

“It was him to forgive, you know – it was his son,” she said.

When recalling on this moment, Robert Fabian felt emotional because he still misses his brother Melvin Louis Fabian.

“You can’t help how your kids are and I don’t want their family to be blamed for it,” said Robert Fabian.

Furthermore, Fabian’s family continued sharing that they felt as if no one won in this case at all. However, they appreciated the Varela family for their calming gesture after the trial.