Meet Victoria’s Most Eligible Bachelorette: Queenie Callis

This Valentine's Day we're doing a series on Victoria's most eligible

VICTORIA, Texas- On the eve of Valentine’s Day cupid is polishing his arrows and romantics the world over are hoping to shoot their shot. There are 115 million single adults over 18 years in the US in 2016, according to the US Census Bureau. As the saying goes, there are plenty of fish in the sea.

Perhaps you don’t have to look any further than right here in the Crossroads to find love this Valentine’s Day. Newscenter 25 reporter, LaShanda McCuin, and I had the pleasure of interviewing some of Victoria’s most eligible guys and dolls. We got up close and personal with three women and three men who are single and ready to mingle.

This bachelorette is an Angleton, Texas native, Queenie Callis. She is a 26-year-old Manager at Victoria Beauty Supply.  I asked each bachelor and bachelorette the same questions in our fun and quirky Q&A to get to know them better. Read on to learn more about Queenie Callis.


Bria Woods: What are your interests? 

Queenie Callis: I actually like a variety of things. I like sports. I like art. I like comedy, movies, different stuff like that.  

BW: What are you looking for in a partner? 

QC: I want trust, honesty, but also fun too. At the same time, I’m pretty open about learning new things from them and hoping that they can lead me in the right direction as I can lead too.

BW: How would you describe the dating scene in Victoria? How has it been for you? Do you find it difficult dating in such a small, close-knit community or it doesn’t really matter?

QC: I would say it doesn’t really matter to me. It’s not really challenging because it’s a close-knit community. I’m from a close community also, so that wouldn’t really bother me. 

BW: So do you watch Netflix with the subtitles on? 

QC: Only if they’re really necessary, but I prefer them not to be on. 

BW: And do you pour the cereal first or the milk? 

QC: I do do the cereal. 

BW: How would you rank your cleanliness level? 

QC: I would say more of an eight, maybe a nine. I would say pretty clean. I like things pretty organized, especially like at my job, so I kind of also bring that back at home with me too. 

BW: What is your biggest turn on or turn off? 

QC: Turn on would probably just be more of their personality and how we bond. Turn off. I would say maybe if they just weren’t as easy to talk to.

BW: Which flavor of ice cream would you be?

QC:  I would say cookies and cream. Yeah. I like to mix. 

BW: Cats or dogs. 

QC: Dogs. 

BW: Do you have any pets?

QC: I don’t have pets, no, but, um, I do want a dog maybe soon, but not right now. I’m usually kind of too busy. I have a fish, actually, I will maybe like three fishes in the fish tank. 

BW: So if you could travel to any era in time, past or future, where, where would you travel? 

QC: I would say maybe the ‘70s or even the ‘50s because I kinda liked that style then too.

BW: What’s your favorite artist or genre of music? 

QC: I would say I like a variety of music too. I like, Pop, R & B, hip hop, country. I never really limited to just one thing. 

BW: What is the weirdest or strangest thing about yourself that you can think of? 

QC: Let’s see. I do like to eat the same thing. So like maybe if I find something I like today, I to want to eat it at least for like the next two or three days in a row. 

BW: Is family really big for you? 

QC: Family is pretty big for me. I’m close to my family. I don’t really have a big family, so if I am, um, with someone later in the future that’s close with their family, I would love that because I would hope to be close with their family together. 

BW: Do you want children? 

QC: I do have one child now, but she’s actually 10. So for the future kind of just more depends on the person that I’m with. I don’t really have to have more kids, but depending on the situation.  

BW: Have you found that already having a child, does that affect your dating prospects or do people not mind? 

QC: I would say it doesn’t. Not for me anyway, but I know some people do feel that way, but for me, it doesn’t really change any of the options or anything like that.

And I don’t really, um, limit myself because I do have a child. 

BW: Imagine this, you have a budget of $0 and you want to hang out with your significant other on a Sunday afternoon. What do you do?

QC:  I would say we would either maybe just hang out, maybe watch football cause it’s Sunday, maybe some food. Um, but not too much. I feel like Sunday is always like more of a comfortable chill, hang out day. 

BW: Where do you see yourself in 10 years? 

QC: I’m definitely more comfortable to where I wouldn’t have to be working as much. Maybe doing more traveling with whoever I’m with, and just learning new things later on. But I definitely want to be doing something in the world, I guess. Kind of something helpful but be a part of something. 

Tune into the 5,6,9 and 10 pm shows tonight to learn more about the way to Queenie’s heart.