Meet Victoria’s Most Eligible Bachelor: Timothy Windoskey

This Valentine's Day we're doing a series on Victoria's most eligible

VICTORIA, Texas- Honesty, trust, and good humor. These are some of the most popular traits we love to look for in potential romantic partners. But what is Timothy Windoskey looking for? Continuing our Most Eligible series we meet another bachelor tonight.

Mr. Windoskey is the co-owner of W&W Salon in town and he opened up to Newscenter 25 reporter LaShanda McCuin and I getting up close and personal about his story.

Read on to find out how this Yorktown, Texas native’s unique upbringing shaped him and what flavor of ice cream he would be.


Bria Woods: So how old are you?

Timothy Windoskey: That’s none of your business.

BW: Haha, got it!

BW: What are your interests? 

TW: Hair, volleyball, outdoors, water, sports, anything active. Dancing, music, art, painting. Decorating, reupholstering furniture. 

BW: So your right brain is the dominant half. Okay. And your profession? 

TW: I’m a hairdresser. I own a salon here in Victoria, WW salon. I’ve been doing hair for about 12 to 15 years. 

BW: Awesome. What are you looking for in a partner?

TW: I’m looking for someone equal, someone driven, someone passionate, someone confident, someone funny and someone kind. 

BW: Do you watch Netflix with the subtitles on sometimes? 

TW: Yes, I do. Not all the time. I do watch a lot of like, B films, I guess, or foreign films. And you have to watch subtitles. There’s a lot of gay, um, what do you call them? Low budget films and there’s a lot of subtitles, so yeah. 

BW: Do you pour the cereal or milk first? 

TW: Cereal and then almond milk. I don’t drink milk. 

BW: How would you rate your cleanliness level.

TW: I’m getting crazy with it. I’m about a seven/eight clean. I can be about a five/ six messy. 

BW: Biggest turn on or turn off. 

TW: Hygiene. I can’t deal with someone who doesn’t take care of themselves. I just feel you should respect yourself a little bit more. Turn-ons are confidence. I’m very attracted to weird things like noses and hands.

BW: Which flavor of ice cream would you be? 

TW: I could go two ways. Either vanilla, homemade vanilla or Neapolitan. 

BW: Cats or dogs?

TW: Dogs.

BW: If you could travel to any period in time where would you travel?

TW: It’s not even that far, the ‘70s. Yeah. I feel the love, the free spirit. They just seemed like they had such a good time. Everyone seemed to be, uh, kind of in shape. Everyone was active. 

BW: What is your favorite genre of music or your favorite artist? 

TW: Oh God, we could be here all day. So my first love is rock, like the nineties grunge, which a lot of people are like, what? And then of course, I love my divas, my, my female vocalists. So my top is Madonna, Michael, Selena, Janis Joplin, Marilyn Manson, Alison Chainz, Aryana Grande. I love old country, you know, some Leann Rimes to uh, just random Dixie chicks. Um, Sheryl Crow. I mean I’m all over the place. Mary J Blige, 

My family’s very mixed, Hispanic and black. And so growing up we were listening to soul and RNB and then I had my Mexican side or listen to MAS and Selena. So kind of everywhere. 

BW: What is the weirdest thing about yourself that you can think of? 

TW: I have social anxiety and I’m such a social person, so that to me is very strange. Um, I, I don’t know, there’s a lot of, there’s a lot of strange things about me. 

BW: And is family big for you? 

TW: Absolutely. So, I don’t have parents, so I grew up with my siblings and then my extended family who is my family. We all grew up kind of, uh, with each other and I was pretty much raised between my mother and my aunt Lucille. Our family is very mixed and we’re pretty big on holidays and getting together. So yeah, family is very important.

BW: Do you want children?

TW: I did and then I didn’t, and then I do again. And then I shouldn’t.

I have a goddaughter and a godson. My godson is an angel, he is so beautiful and smart. He makes me want kids and when he’s a little brat sometimes I’m like hmmm maybe not. 

BW: So you have a budget of $0, but you want to hang out with your significant other on a Sunday afternoon. What do you do? 

TW: Anywhere, or here in Victoria?

BW: Let’s go with here in Victoria. 

TW: We’ll go with Victoria. So $0 on a budget. Hopefully, my partner would be active. We could ride bikes down to the park. We could go to play volleyball and then we can go down to pebble beach and hang out there and bring snacks from home or whatever. If we have no money to spend, then we can just use what we have and, and make a day of it.

BW: Where do you see yourself in 10 years? 

TW: I know I’m like in Las Vegas, Nevada with Chase Brown, just living it up. 

No, I strive to have a bigger salon. I want to own another salon and spa. I fight with staying here and leaving. My want to leave doesn’t ever outweigh my want to stay. I want to grow. I want to be in more culture. I want to be more accepted. Not that I’m not in the community, but the gay community is not very accepting here. This town is still very…. we have a lot of growth. And then the dating scene…if I’m trying to find someone, I may need to be in a bigger city with more options and a bigger community.

So that drives me. But my family, my clients, my career, my business partner, my, you know, my friends and family and everything that I have here that I cherish…I don’t want to leave that watching my nieces and nephews grow and have kids and my Godchildren. So in 10 years, I’ll probably be here in a bigger salon if not stepped out and opened one somewhere else. But I would come back. I do enjoy Victoria. 

BW: Is there anything else you want to share or do you want the people to know as an eligible bachelor of Victoria. 

TW: You know, I get a ‘rep.’ People know of me, but that doesn’t mean that they know me. People put a stigma and, and place me in a category of who they think I am. And I’m just not that person. So there’s a lot more to me than what you see on social media or around town. I only allow these people that don’t know me to see what I want them to, but there’s way more to me than just being a gay hairdresser. 

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