Meet Victoria’s Most Eligible Bachelor: Mark Morales

This Valentine's Day we're doing a series on Victoria's most eligible

VICTORIA, Texas- People in the U.S. and Canada have lost almost $1 billion to online dating scammers and “catfishers” over the past three years, according to a 2018 study by the Better Business Bureau.

The next subject in our most eligible series has his own story about being catfished. Thirty-five year old Mark Morales is good with his hands. During the day he works on painting and remodeling and at night he knows how to shake up a mean cocktail. 

Newscenter 25 reporter, LaShanda McCuin, and I had the pleasure of interviewing some of Victoria’s most eligible dudes and dudettes. We got up close and personal with three women and three men who are ready for a commitment.

Read on to find out the way to this metalhead’s heart. 


Bria Woods: What are your interested or hobbies outside

Mark Morales: Outside of work, I like working out, lifting weights. music is a big part of my life. I, I’d majored in music for two years in college before I switched majors. So, you know, I play classical music, so I love anything from classical to jazz. I’m a metal head at heart, but, uh, you know, any hip hop, anything, anything. I love going to concerts. sometimes if people don’t want to go to concerts, I’ll go to the concert on myself. I’ll drive two hours, three hours and go to a concert by myself. It’s no big deal. I love music that much. 

I guess like everyone has their nerdy thing that they’re really into. Like I like watching wrestling. That’s my soap opera. We all know it’s, it’s staged, but you know, it’s just something you can just sit back, watch and just get lost in for 10 or 15 minutes and then, you know, you get involved. It sucks you in.

BW: Do you play any instruments?

MM: I was a classical percussionist, so, I did all the classical percussion. It’s xylophone, keyboard, timpani, and then once I got into college, that’s when I learned drum set. 

BW: What are you looking for in a partner?

MM: Uh, let’s see. Just a good-hearted person, good morals. Intelligence is always nice, you know, cause you always want to have, a conversation, an intelligent conversation with someone. And you know, sometimes, you have to learn to like be quiet and let them tell you something that you don’t know. That’s always nice. 

Someone who likes to sleep because I always say if you love someone, you let them sleep. You don’t wake them up. Right. Like you just want to come over and go to bed. Let’s take a two hour nap. And then, yeah. And then we got a cup of coffee afterward.


BW: Right. Snaps for that.

MM: You can literally do nothing with someone. You have to be able to do everything and nothing with someone I think to have a good relationship.

BW: Now here’s a series of really random questions. Do you watch Netflix with the subtitles on?

MM: Not on TV, but like if it’s on my phone I do, cause usually it’s on my phone. I’m somewhere where I can’t always hear everything.

BW: Do you pour the cereal first or the milk first?

MM: Cereal.

BW: Cats or dogs.

MM: I have a dog but I love cats, so I like them both.

BW: Okay. On a scale of one to 10, where 10 is your spaces are immaculate, like Buckingham Palace, and one is like you’re an actual slob…How would you rate your cleanliness level?

MM: I just moved into a new spot and I’ve been so busy I haven’t been able to get it tidy. Like I have clothes everywhere but the clothes are all clean, but I just haven’t put them up. So I will say like a 7.5. It’s like organized chaos. Everything’s folded and clean. It’s just not put up yet cause I I haven’t had time to do it yet.

BW: Okay. If you could be any flavor of ice cream, which one would you be?

MM: Oh man. Ben and Jerry’s half baked where it’s like the brownie batter and the cookie dough mix. Yeah, that’s it. 

BW: Okay, okay gotcha! If you could travel to any era in time, past, present, or future, which one would you prefer to travel to?

MM: The past. Everyone always says they should have been born older. I think I should have been an adult in the 70s, like born in the 50s and then like an adult in the 70s. I think that’s kind of my vibe.

BW: Okay. Would it be for the music.

MM: Oh yeah, yeah, definitely the music. Yeah. Music, lifestyle, the lack of technology, you know, obviously they were partying and you know, having the time of their lives.

BW: You kinda touched on this, but if you had to pick like a top artist or genre, what would it be?

MM: I’m definitely a metal head, but then, you know, I don’t know, I say metal head, but like I’m a metal snob cause there’s so many sub genres and uh, that’s not heavy enough. I like to listen to new music. There’s always new music out. There’s always someone new, someone doing something heavier. Uh, but yeah, metal and hardcore, uh, technical death, metal, that’s really my bread and butter. But I do listen to everything. Like I think the last four concerts I’ve been to were all like hip hop or rap.

BW: Okay. Um, what is the weirdest thing about yourself that you can think of?

MM: Weird. I don’t know. Um, how, how weird am I?

BW: Have your friends roasted you for anything in particular?

MM: No, I’m just always late for everything and I’m surprised I came here on time. That’s what they wrote before. Like it’s a thing at both jobs that I’m like always late and at a time it’s not, is it weird? I don’t think that’s weird, but that’s what I get roasted for.

BW: In a relationship, what is your biggest turn on or turn off?

MM:Uh, turn on is, intelligence. Yeah, drop some knowledge on me. Tell me something. I don’t know. 

Biggest turnoff is just ignorance. Like just like just talking about something you don’t know anything about, you know, that’s like, why? Just be quiet, and let someone drop some knowledge on you and just use logic.

BW: Is family big for you?

MM: Yes, very big. Uh, you know, especially now getting older, you know, family members pass away. So you just got to hold onto who’s there and keep everyone around is, you know, as often as you can, you know, call your mom, call your grandma, cause your grandparents, cause you know, they want to hear from you whether you think so or not, even if it’s for three minutes, 

BW: So do you want children? 

MM: Uh, yes I would. they’re a blessing. And they’re like, you don’t have any kids. I’m like, no, haven’t been blessed yet. So yeah, I like kids. I like being around kids. 

BW: What is the worst date you’ve ever been on?

MM: Oh man. So I guess when I was like 19 and this is like the beginning of  I guess like internet dating. So then I end up meeting someone from like, I think I met her, she was in San Antonio and I go and meet up with her. I guess it wasn’t called catfishing back then, but I got catfished I got there and showed up and it was like not the person pictured; someone totally different. She had faked this whole accent.

BW: Wow.

MM: Yeah. And then like, I was stuck in San Antonio. you just kind of like feel betrayed and you’re just like, what? And then she like followed me around for so long. And then finally I was just like, I got to go to the restroom and just like bolted.

BW: Yeah. So how, what is the dating scene like or how do you navigate the dating scene in Victoria?

MM: I mean now as a bartender I see people but you don’t want to crap where you eat. You know what I mean? There’s nice people at the bar you meet, but it’s also like, I’m not going to go hit on someone at the bar while I’m working because I’m at work. Right? Maybe you meet someone through friends or you know, that’s why I like my social circles. We have cool people that are always bringing new people around, so that’s nice. But then, you know, it’s small town Victoria, so everyone kinda knows everyone or you know, my friend dated them or something like that. And then you hear something and you can have preconceived notions about someone but you really don’t know. And so you meet and talk to that person, then you get to know them. So I guess that’s kind of something you have navigate or, uh, within the small town. 

BW: Picture this. It’s a Sunday afternoon. You have a budget of $0, but you want to do something nice with your significant other, what do you do?

MM: Uh, $0. Uh, that nap thing I was talking about, that nap was good, but you can always, if it is a nice day, I would probably go to the park. Riverside park is gorgeous. I mean you can walk the trail there. Um, you can play disc golf.

BW: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

MM: Uh, 10 years. Wow. I don’t know.  Let’s see here. Maybe another degree or two. Hopefully out of the bar business. But I love the bar business. It’s been good to me. Yeah, like I said, a couple of degrees maybe with someone with a couple of kids. Um, and then just hopefully I can, you know, just be in shape and be as youthful as I can. 

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