Meet Victoria’s Most Eligible Bachelor: Geno Perez

This Valentine's Day we're doing a series on Victoria's most eligible

VICTORIA, Texas- On average men spend about $2.2 billion more than women on Valentine’s Day gifts and activities. According to men spend about $26. 1 billion whereas women spend approximately $23.9 billion. Geno Perez, the next subject in our most eligible series, would love to spoil a special someone with gifts and love, but he needs to find her.

Newscenter 25 reporter, LaShanda McCuin, and I had the pleasure of interviewing some of Victoria’s most eligible dudes and dudettes. We got up close and personal with three women and three men who are ready for a commitment.

Our first bachelor is a small town guy with a Texas-sized heart. Twenty-six year old, Geno Perez is the Sunrise co-Anchor on the Newscenter 25 morning show. I asked each bachelor and bachelorette the same questions in our fun and quirky Q&A to get to know them better. Read on to learn more about Geno Perez’s ideal date and a super weird snack he’s into.


Bria Woods: What are your hobbies or interests outside of work? 

Geno Perez: Some of my hobbies are sports, anything outside. I love to swim. I also really like to cook, so cooking is really big. I like to float the river, go to a bar, drink a few beers, dance. So things like that.

BW: So rumor has it, you’ve got a pretty mean two-step.

GP: I can two-step pretty good. Not to toot my own horn, but yeah, I do love to two-step. I’ve been in a few Quinceneras.

BW: Now tell me where are you from?

GP: I’m from a small town in Elgin, it’s like 20 minutes outside of Austin, East of Austin, and it’s like, has a population of like 8,000 people. So coming to Victoria wasn’t a big change, but it was a change nonetheless.

BW: Have you found the dating scene difficult here.

GP: I’ve been on a few dates and it, and they’ve gone well. No complaints, just seeing how things go, you know.

BW: What are you looking for in a partner?

GP: Honestly, somebody that I can be myself with that I can hang out with, have a good time. Maybe we can go to some sporting events, to the movies, hanging out with each other’s families, spend the holidays together, and honestly like a lifetime partner, you know? 

BW: So, okay, now here are some quirky questions that might give them some insight into your personality. Do you watch Netflix with the subtitles on?

GP: I do. I feel like it adds a little bit when you’re watching a movie.

BW: Do you pour the cereal first or the milk first?

GP: 100% the cereal, whoever does it with the milk first is a cereal killer, so,

BW: Ayyee good one! So on a scale of one to 10 where 10 is, I am immaculate, it is like Buckingham palace and one is I’m an actual slob. How would you rate your cleanliness level?

GP: I would say six or seven, maybe a five, somewhere in that range, just because I can be clean. Like there are times where I just get into the mood to just clean and it’s just spotless. But then there are times where like normal day to day, my bed isn’t made, like, there’s like water bottles all over the place, plates sometimes, but yeah. 

BW:  Mmm. What is your biggest turn on or turn off? 

GP:  My biggest turn off would have to be like hygiene. I feel like that speaks for itself. And my biggest turn on if they can just dress sex. That speaks for itself too. You know a red dress and heels. 

BW: So if you could be a flavor of ice cream.

GP: Vanilla. I’m basic and it’s my favorite. And not only that but also my mom calls me her little white boy, even though I’m not white. So I feel like vanilla would be, would be appropriate.

BW: Cats or dogs.

GP: So I have a cat, but I love dogs. Fairly recently I found a cat and raised her. Her name is Princess. And so I’d say both. I don’t have a preference. And now I have a fish so. His name is Morty. 

BW: Now, if you could travel to any era in time, past, present, or future, which one would you choose to travel to an era.

GP: I would have to either say like the wild wild West just to like, you know, ride a horse around town, have your six-shooter on your hip, but also I would like to see World War II from above. Just like the whole military aspect and Saving Private Ryan is one of my favorite movies of all time. And so just what those men and women did for our country. 

BW: What is your, or who is your favorite artist or genre?

GP: So my favorite, ah, that’s a tough question. I’m, I’m just going to be basic and say country. George Strait. Just cause I grew up with George Strait my whole life. But the newer artists would be like Cody Johnson. Chris Stapleton, Ed Sheeran. I really like a variety of music, but country is my go-to.

BW: What is the strangest or weirdest thing about yourself that you can think of?

GP: So I love spaghetti. Spaghetti is my favorite meal, but there are times where I’m just too lazy to make the spaghetti, so I just eat the noodles. Raw.

BW: Timeout. What. Just out of the box? It doesn’t make you sick?

GP: I don’t, it doesn’t make me sick. I don’t know why.

BW: So you’re talking about you open up the bag and you just are crunching on these dry noodles even though it only takes like 12 minutes to boil them. 

GP: Yeah. But that’s a lot of work. And then you got to do the dishes afterward. 

BW: Is family big for you?

GP: Yeah, family is probably number one. We’re, we’re pretty big compared to most families. We spend all the holidays together. Birthdays are big. Let’s say I did have a partner, I would totally be happy, like meeting their family and spending time with them and getting closer to them 

BW: So do you want children? 

GP: I do. I, I would want at least two, preferably one boy, I don’t mind having a girl or if I had a girl, I wouldn’t mind having one. I already have two beautiful goddaughters. So yeah, kids are, kids are a thing.

BW: Okay. So picture, this is the Sunday afternoon. You have $0 and your budget, but you want to hang out with your significant other. What do you do?

GP: So I call her up and I say, Hey, come over, cause the Cowboys are probably playing. So we have to watch the cowboy game. Let’s say the Cowboys were on a by week we could go to a park, swing, go fishing. Maybe can’t go fishing cause you need a permit. I’d probably just go to a park, walk around.

BW: What’s the worst date you’ve ever been on?

GP: So we went to a restaurant and it was nice. Everything was nice, but one of her friends happened to be at the restaurant and she came up and talked to us. I guess not realizing that we were on the date. And so like she was just there just talking for, I want to say 15 minutes. And so kind of was like, yeah, you know, cool. We were talking about who knows what when, you know, I could have been learning about her instead, I’m hearing about gossip going on at work. 

BW: Yeah. Not cool. Yeah. And where do you see yourself in 10 years?

GP: In 10 years. Wow. That’s a long time away. I hopefully see myself either in another TV job or a sports job. Hopefully working either as a sports reporter or a commentator working towards that. I also kind of have thought about being a coach. Hopefully, I’d have a family by then. Maybe a couple of kids.

Tune into the 5,6,9 and 10 pm shows tonight to learn more about the way to Geno’s heart.