Meet this month’s winner of Pay It Forward

Today is Pay It Forward Thursday. ALS, Stroll, Roll ‘n’ Run is this month’s winner of a $1,000 check donated by Newscener 25.

” I’d like to just thank KAVU-TV on behalf of the Stroll, Roll ‘n’ Run group. We’re sincerely grateful and appreciate the thousand dollars, it goes a long way, ” said Bryan Serold , Chairman of ALS Stoll , Roll ‘n’ Run Committee.

Stroll, Roll and Run is an annual event to raise awareness and support ongoing research to find a cure for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS).

When asked why he spends his time making sure this gets done ever year Serold said, ” ​​​It’s all about this man next to me, Bill Hassel . He’s one of the few that…. most ALS patients don’t survive past two to five years on diagnosis. Bill’s always been a fighter and an inspiration to us. And, you know, we do it for Bill and the rest of the ALS community. ”

Serold goes on to say that ” with anyone that’s been diagnosed with ALS, it is a fatal disease. There is no known cure at this time. So, research is critical for these people. ”

Since the event started nine years ago ALS Stroll, Roll ‘n’ Run has contributed around $250,000 to ALS Therapy Development Institute.

Serold concludes by saying, ” We feel honored. You know, there’s so many non-profit organizations in the community that are all beneficial organizations. We’re just grateful and thankful for the community’s support. That’s what’s kept this event going for the last nine years is the support of the local community. ”

Pay It Forward, Crossroads!