Meet the VTXIFF directors: Jonathan Seaborn and Emily de Santos

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Minor Injustice is a documentary examining youth within the adult criminal justice system in the state of Texas directed by Jonathan Seaborn and Emily de Santos.

Texas is now one of only 4 states that charges 17-year olds as adults. During the 2017 legislative session there were two bills introduced. “One looked at raising the minimum age of criminal responsibility from 17 to 18. The other looked at reducing the minimum sentence for people who were convicted before the age of 18,” said JOnathan Seaborn, director.

Seaborn and De Santos saw an opportunity to connect to Texans by submitting their film to the Victoria film festival. “We decided to submit to the Victoria Film Festival because it’s such a Texas issue and we wanted to play at as many TX festivals as possible.”

As this is an active conversation happening in the Texas legislature, the filmmakers are hoping this film will add to the discourse and help educate people about this justice-or injustice- issue. You can watch the trailer here.

“We spent about two years following these bills as they went and fell through the legislator and well as some activists, some lawyers, and some victims of crimes and some people directly impacted by these crimes to help put this story together.”

Minor Injustice will be screened twice during the film festival. First on Friday April 5th at 9 pm at the DeTar Theatre and again on Sunday April 7th at 12pm at the DeTar Theater.

Meet the VTXIFF directors: Jonathan Seaborn and Emily de Santos
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The Victoria Independent Film Festival will screen more than 50 films from all over the world from April 4-7th; taking place at various locations.

Meet the VTXIFF directors: Jonathan Seaborn and Emily de Santos