Meet the VTXIFF Directors: Fatima Hye

Mini series about the VTXIFF directors

Houston-based filmmaker Fatima Hye directed the experimental feature Animalium, screening today at the Victoria Independent Film Fest.

The film centers on two brothers who take a road trip through Texas, while discussing morality, and if it exists or not.

“One brother is, you know, a pretty typical person and believes in right and wrong. The other brother is an extreme skeptic. He wants to know why he should believe in these things and wants his brother to prove it to him,” Hye illustrates.

Watch the trailer here.

Hye’s studies in philosophy are woven into the tapestry of her films. “My films tend to be conceptually based, and on the artsy side.”

Animalium is deliberately a very Texas based film. It was filmed around Austin, Houston and College Station. Despite getting a lot of attention from outside actors, Hye insisted on keeping the talent, and overall production, down to the composer for the score, very local.

Meet the VTXIFF Directors: Fatima Hye

Hye also wanted to cultivate a raw, authentic feel for the film. They didn’t use any archival or stock footage. All of their shots, including the nature shots, are all their own.

“We shot everything ourselves. It’ a very earthy, authentic piece… very nature oriented.”

Animalium will be screened today, Saturday April 6th, at 3:30 p.m. at the DeTar Theater. She will be there after the film for a Q&A. Fatima is also speaking on a panel today at 1pm for the On Set Horror Stories: How to Keep It On The Road panel at the DeTar Theater.

You can get tickets on the official website for the Victoria Independent Film Festival at

Meet Ryan O’ Leary, director of The Lost Weekend, also screening at VTXIFF this weekend. The Lost Weekend follows a Charlie Monahan as he navigates love and purpose in the age of online dating.

The Victoria Independent Film Festival will screen more than 50 films from all over the world from April 4-7th; taking place at various locations.

Meet the VTXIFF Directors: Fatima Hye