Meet the Victoria native who joined the Navy and disposes of enemy mines in the Middle East

Seaman Apprentice Nathan Gould, a Victoria, Texas, native, joined the Navy because he wanted to make a name for himself and make his family proud.

Now, one year later and half a world away at Naval Support Activity Bahrain, Gould helps “maintain and operate mine neutralization vehicles.”

He serves aboard an avenger-class mine countermeasures ship (MCM), USS Dextrous, tasked to search and dispose of enemy mines in the world’s most dynamic maritime region as the leading-edge of the Navy.

It’s a mouth-full, but in short Gould keeps Middle East waters open for the free flow of commerce.

“It is challenging to keep up with the workload, but it is rewarding,” said Gould “Our crew is so small,
we are a jack of all trades and learn to cover other shipboard jobs.”

Gould, a 2009 graduate of Providence Christian Academy, is a mineman aboard the Manama,
Bahrain-based ship, one of four MCMs forward-deployed to the Arabian Gulf in the Navy’s U.S. 5th
Fleet operating under Task Force 52.

Gould and the rest of his crew hunt and search for mines in the Arabian Gulf. Task Force 52 plans and executes mine warfare operations in support of U.S. 5th Fleet’s operational objectives.

Gould credits success in the MCM force, and in the Navy, to many of the lessons learned in Victoria.

“I mainly joined the Navy to become a better person and work on a lot of flaws I knew I saw in myself. Really my friends and my family, especially my wife and kids. Just want to make them proud,” Gould said.

“I am very honored and glad that I got put on one of the best ships out here. It’s one of my dreams,” Gould smiles.

He gives a very special shout out to his wife and kids, and parents and to “the lovely city of Victoria, Texas.”

Meet the Victoria native who joined the Navy and disposes of enemy mines in the Middle East